Autumn Rhapsody


The work is both impressionistic and lyrical, featuring rich contemporary harmonies. The free rhapsodic sections are counter-balanced by rhythmic sections. The writing incorporates the wide compass of the piano while the dynamic range and sonorities help to create a meditative mood.

Dr Adrienne Wiley, Professor of Piano and performer from Central Michigan University USA commented after hearing a recording of the work:

It is awesome! Such beautiful, pianistic, sensitive writing! I am so very, very grateful to hear such quality music!”

Quote from the review of Rhapsodies to Rhumbas by Artie J. Brown:

The highlight of the night was Margaret Brandman herself performing several of her works for piano. Of particular note was her performance of her newly-composed solo work, Autumn Rhapsody. This work demonstrated Brandman’s affinity with jazz and solo piano writing, as well as her skills in performing classical piano. This piece was infused with virtuosic writing, as well as syncopated rhythms which had the audience tapping their feet.”

Autumn Rhapsody is published by Furore Music and was listed as Product of the Week in November 2013.


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