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Margaret Brandman is amulti-award winning composer, accomplished pianist, recording artist and highly regarded music educator, whose career spans more than 50 years. She has twice beenhonoured with the BEST FOREIGN COMPOSER award by the Artemis Film Festival in Los Angeles, for her orchestral works ‘Spirit Visions’ (2021) and ‘Firestorm Symphony’ (2019) performed by the
Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra for POLARITIES 2 (nv6353) and SENSATIONS(nv6041) albums on the Navona Label. Her original compositions include concert works for orchestra, chamber ensembles, choir and solo voice in a range of styles from Contemporary Classical to Jazz and Latin-American. These works are receiving both live and recorded performances internationally while many of her imaginative works appear in music examination syllabuses as set works.

As an accomplished pianist, accredited piano teacher, arranger and music educator she has performed, lectured and recorded, both in Australia and abroad. In 2012 she received the ‘Diploma of Excellence’ from the World Piano Teacher’s Association in Serbia for her presentation ‘The Geometry of the Piano and the Symmetry of the Hands’. Her educational publications include a complete range of music education materials for Piano, Music Theory and Ear-training together with innovative Australian high school text ‘Accent on Music’.

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