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Music is a part of our DNA, every culture in the world has its form of music which they enjoyed. Music can also be a way to identify a community or a culture. Taking music lessons in any form from experts in the field helps you to enhance your mood and also cognitive functioning. Music can be the one thing that you have been looking for to bring about a positive life change. Looking for well-curated music lessons in Sydney? If so, Margaret Brandman Music is the right place to look.

Margaret Brandman, is an accomplished composer, pianist, recording artist, experienced music educator and fully accredited teacher. She is full member of both the World Piano Teacher’s Association and Music Teacher’s Association of New South Wales. Many of her compositions are listed in Australian Examination Syllabuses.  Learning music from the best and most highly-regarded educator will help you to master any form of music lesson. Margaret Brandman will provide you with the best-designed lessons that will take into consideration your needs and requirements.

Why We Are the Best to Take Piano/Music Lessons From in Sydney?

At Margaret Brandman Music, students are provided with lessons in piano, keyboard, music theory, ear-training, and composition, using Margaret Brandman’s unique methods and publications, derived from many years of teaching experience with both students and especially adults.  Each of the lessons is curated and designed to suit the individual student’s learning styles.   Margaret Brandman’s award-winning teaching methods speed up the traditionally slow learning process, so that music reading and performance skills are achieved in a timely fashion.
The inclusion of integrated theory, harmony and ear-training skills help students understand the process of composition and give insights into the thought process of the composers which in turn means more efficient learning of the works.  Music as taught by Margaret Brandman, will help developing children and adults in their other studies including languages, pattern learning, logic and mathematics.  High school music students will gain an advantage through taking private lessons with Margaret.

Our music lessons will be a gift to your overall experience. At Margaret Brandman Music, you get the chance to learn from the best in the field. You will be amazed to see how quickly skills can be achieved.   Once you start taking lessons, you can be sure that it would be a rewarding and satisfying experience that will enhance your range of tactile, aural and visual skills.

Music Lessons in Sydney that benefit your Health

Our perfectly curated music lessons will enhance your cognitive ability and fine motor skills.  Margaret Brandman’s accelerated learning methods including the use of color-coding and mind-mapping skills, foster a positive mood and a enjoyable learning experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Margaret to experience her award-winning piano and theory lessons in Sydney and indulge this life-enhancing experience.


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