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Accent on Music has been written to meet the requirements of the New South Wales Junior Syllabus, Years 7-10, in the areas of Composing, Listening and Performing. This book is also appropriate for the beginner and developing music student, as a total music learning package.

The four units – Duration, Pitch, Harmony and Australian Music – are divided into teaching topics which explain basic concepts through practical and written activities with the accent on Australian content. Each unit can be taught in conjunction with the other units or can be developed separately.

Each topic starts with a mind map which shows the student the different areas of music they will encounter and the knowledge they will gain.

Accent on Music Sample Page Accent on Music Sample Page
Accent on Music Sample Page Accent on Music Sample Page

Accent on Music is a comprehensive reference for particular concept areas, developing and expanding the aural, written and performance aspects of music. The book highlights well-known Australian composers in all genres, giving scores, listening excerpts and activities including composing, arranging, improvising and performing.

The full colour section on the inside front cover of this book guides the students in music rhythm notation.

The text is supported by a compact disc (CD) which introduces students to many types of music taught throughout the text and supports listening activities in each unit of study.

For a total package in music training, including transcription skills and aural perception, Accent on Music can be used in conjunction with Margaret Brandman’s Contemporary Aural Course.

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Vice President, Music Teachers Association of NSW

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