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Learning music depends on the procedure your tutor uses during imparting the lessons. If you are looking to learn with the help of the most innovative music education materials and methods, then Margaret Brandman Music will be your go-to place. The years of experience of Margaret Brandman herself have enabled her to use innovative methods and materials for the students during their music lessons. These methods and materials will simplify your learning process and help you to grasp things faster and more efficiently.

A Glimpse into Our Innovative Music Education Materials and Methods

At Margaret Brandman Music, all the materials and methods are used to enhance the abilities of the students starting from reading the flow of the music, the intervals, and listening to the music which is being played. These methods help the learners to develop a sense of inner hearing which is a great characteristic to have as a musician. Let us look into the six methods and materials used in our lessons:

  • Contemporary Piano Method: All the accompanying aural courses and teaching books, start with a method that involves a simplified approach to intervals. Certain terminologies are associated with physical actions like – Skip, Jump or Step. This method helps to connect the visual, tactile, and aural aspects of music.
  • Contemporary Theory Workbooks: This contains a set of three books which are Contemporary Theory Primer, Contemporary Theory Workbook 1, and Contemporary Theory Workbook 2. These materials help the students in gaining a thorough knowledge to recognise general intervals. Colour-coding in the books helps students to recognise clefs and signpost notes.
  • Contemporary Aural Course: Training your year is a vital part of music learning. Enhancing your awareness about rhythm and pitch as well as transcribing music from a sound source to a written source, are qualities of a good musician. This course contains materials for ear training and is designed to suit the needs of beginners.
  • Playing Made Easy for Recorder: Margaret Brandman’s Playing Made Easy for Recorder has two books in the series which are Tune Book and Method Book. This book is based on the author’s belief that any individual by focusing on interval movement can develop a speed-reading method.
  • Contemporary Chord Workbooks: The contemporary chord workbooks have a complete guide to all the chords. It also has information on different modes and scales which are suitable for any instrument.
  • Harmony Comes Together: This material is not only valuable to the students but also acts as an invaluable resource to the music tutors. It develops the skill of writing four and three-part harmony by including popular, contemporary, and jazz music idioms.

So, it is a great chance for you to get your hands on these innovative music education materials and methods to enhance your music learning experience. For this, you just need to contact us and book a lesson for yourself.