Contemporary Chord Workbooks

• Comprehensive guide to chords
• Includes information on scales and modes
• Suitable for all instruments
• Both books in this series are fill-in-answer style workbooks.
Book One: Topics include the Building Blocks of Chords, plus all three and four-note chords.

Contemporary Chord Book 1This book covers all types of triads and four-note chords found in both Classical and Modern music. It not only develops a knowledge of chords but also demonstrates the relationship of chords to scale and keys.Each type of chord is thoroughly explained from several different points of view and sufficient exercises are set to enable the student to gain a thorough understanding of chords in all keys. An answer book is also available.

Book Two: Continuing from the foundations laid down in Book 1 of the series, this book introduces extended chords – Ninths, Elevenths and Thirteenths and the modes or scales which suit the chords.

‘Margaret Brandman has put together a magnificent basic theory text for all instruments. She skilfully lays out the immovable rocks of knowledge that support all western music – pop, jazz, classical, jazz-rock etc…’
-Bruce Clark, jazz guitarist, improviser and music educator

‘In her Contemporary Chord Workbook Book 1, Brandman yet again succeeds in making the language, structure and application of modern chords readily accessible to teachers and students….
….It should be an essential item on every piano student’s music shelf.’
– Abe Cytrynowski – ANZCA Examiner, Stretto Magazine – 2002
I’ve been a very appreciative reader of your Contemporary Chord Workbooks (1 and 2). They are two of the most helpful books on music that I’ve read.

‘I now compose, when I can, but always remember how straightforward and logical your books were. And, how much I needed them! I’m so pleased to have found you online!

‘Thanks again! All the very best.’- Andrew Havryliv

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